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Social Media

The web is all about social media right now. Everyone’s on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and a variety of other centralized services that sell your information eagerly.

In a Solarpunk world, people are not commodities to be bought & sold, they’re part of a community that works together.

As a result, although we’re cybersquatting on common social media, we’re much more active on decentralized social media. Come join us and help us build a better world.


Decentralized Social Media


Control over your contacts


A world without constant advertisements

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This has become one of my favourites for long-form posts.

Your user account is tied to the machine you’re using (so I recommend using your phone or laptop as opposed to a desktop), and you compose & read posts offline.

You only connect to send & receive updates. So if you’re going off-grid for a couple of weeks, you can continue to compose and “publish,” but nothing is distributed until you’re back online.

Don’t want to pay for data? Only connect when on wifi. You have complete control.

All setup?

Follow our mobile account:



Short messages & updates more your thing? Seeking to find a “community” right from the start? Then Mastodon is for you.

With Mastodon, the hardest part is choosing which instance to set up your account. They’re located all over the world and tend to be topic-focused, although there are plenty of general instances as well.

Once online, you’re connected to every Mastodon instance, but you choose who you follow and what you have to put up with.

It’s like Twitter, minus everything that makes Twitter annoying.

All setup?

Search our addresses below in your Mastodon & follow for the latest updates & discussions:



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